The handloom saree tradition


Handloom sarees are a traditional textile art of Bangladesh and India. The production of handloom sarees are important for economic development in rural India. Completion of a single saree takes two to three days of work. Several regions have their own traditions of handloom sarees.

As per 2010 census 44 lakhs of families are engaged in hand weaving. In 2011-12, the handloom industry wove 6900 million square metres of cloth. Andhra Pradesh is said to be the home of 3, 59,212 weaver families who all works in primary co operative handloom societies. Primary Handloom Weavers Co operative’s (PHWCS) includes weavers within certain specific geographical limits and provides production work to the members. The co operatives also see that the weavers receive fare Wage and at the same time conduct various Welfare measures.